Black Spring Press - NEW!

In November 2017 we learnt of the sad passing of Robert Hastings - the owner of Black Spring Press. Since 1985, Black Spring Press has produced work by Nick Cave, Anaïs Nin, Charles Baudelaire, Kyril Bonfiglioli, Carolyn Cassady and Leonard Cohen, among many impressive others. 

Black Spring specialises in the contemporary, as well as breathing new life into neglected classics. We are delighted to have completed legal formalities in 2019 to connect Black Spring Press to Eyewear Publishing Ltd. and excited to be able to sell its wonderful books. Browse the collection here! 

Praise for Black Spring publications: far the best thing to have happened again in years... sublime and extraordinary... one of the most intriguing works since Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude ...richly poetic creations which live a second life on the page... gorgeously written... enthralling, sexy, funny, and politically as trenchant as anything being made today... marvellous and horrifying... like visiting a cafe in space... a revolutionary contribution to our vision of modern science...

The Joan Anderson Letter
The Joan Anderson Letter £20.00 £20.00
German Justice
German Justice £9.99 £9.99
The Tenant
The Tenant £6.99 £6.99
Winter's Deception
Winter's Deception £9.99 £9.99
Spring In Name Only
Spring In Name Only £10.99 £12.99 £10.99 £12.99
Panics and Persecutions
Panics and Persecutions £20.00 £20.00
Furnace Creek
Furnace Creek £20.00 £20.00
My Shanghai Neighbours
My Shanghai Neighbours £20.00 £20.00
The Lost Weekend
The Lost Weekend £6.99 £6.99
Sarabande £8.99 £8.99
Saints & Martyrs
Saints & Martyrs £6.66 £9.99 £6.66 £9.99
Off the Road
Off the Road £9.95 £9.95
Napoleon's Maxims Of War
Napoleon's Maxims Of War £9.99 £9.99
Last Children of the Raj, Volume 2
Last Children of the Raj, Volume 2 £14.99 £14.99
Last Children Of The Raj, Volume 1
Last Children Of The Raj, Volume 1 £14.99 £14.99
The Warming
The Warming £9.99 £9.99
High Priests, Quantum Genes
High Priests, Quantum Genes £9.95 £9.95
Emily Dickinson & I
Emily Dickinson & I £7.95 £7.95
On Torquemada's Sofa
On Torquemada's Sofa £12.95 £12.95
Bitten by the Tarantula (and other writing)
Bitten by the Tarantula (and other writing) £9.95 £9.95
The Cypriot
The Cypriot £2.00 £2.00
The Gorse Trilogy
The Gorse Trilogy £9.95 £9.95
Through a Glass Darkly
Through a Glass Darkly £11.95 £11.95
Craven House
Craven House £9.95 £9.95
Selected Letters
Selected Letters £9.95 £9.95
The Sultan of Zanzibar
The Sultan of Zanzibar £16.99 £16.99
Velocity: the best of Apples & Snakes
Velocity: the best of Apples & Snakes £9.95 £9.95
The Terrible News
The Terrible News £12.95 £12.95
My Original Sin
My Original Sin £9.99 £9.99