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High Priests, Quantum Genes

High Priests, Quantum Genes

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By Michael Hayes

Is there a unifying principle that governs the entire universe from the cosmic scale right down to the sub-atomic? A question asked throughout history by spiritual leaders, natural philosophers and scientists. And can we identify an overarching system capable of uniting Einsteinian physics, quantum theory and the other apparently disparate areas of science? Can the religious world view be reconciled with the scientific? In short, is there a 'theory of everything'? 
Michael Hayes thinks so, and he thinks he has discovered – or rather rediscovered – a precise code that explains it all. This, which Hayes calls the Hermetic Code, is one of the most vital insights of the ancients, apparently lost over time… 

High Priests, Quantum Genes is an ambitious attempt to make sense of the world around us, a wideranging journey through religious experience, astrophysics, spiritualism, molecular biology, ancient wisdom, quantum physics and history. There are distinct numerical patterns running through the symbolisms of ancient philosophies and religions the world over, and these same symmetries are apparent in many of the theories of supposedly ground-breaking science. So maybe science is only rediscovering through empirical research what the ancients understood intuitively… The ordering principles of the universe appear to be mirrored in the structure of this numerical pattern and – perhaps most intriguing and uncanny of all – in the symmetries of music. Our notions of what is harmonious in music may therefore spring not simply from an abstract aesthetic sense but as a response to and an intuition of more fundamental harmonies… 

I suspect that the name of Michael Hayes is going to be remembered together with those of Stephen Hawking and Watson and Crick as a thinker who has made a revolutionary contribution to our vision of modern science… 
…make no mistake: what Mike Hayes has discovered could be as important as the original discovery of DNA…he has created a new paradigm – that is, he is looking at our familiar universe from a new angle, and making us aware of magical possibilities… 
The performance is often…dazzling, reminding a reader of a juggler who can keep ten balls in the air at the same time… 
High Priests, Quantum Genes is remarkable for the confidence [Michael Hayes] shows in handling an immense range of subjects, from modern physics to the paranormal, from evolutionary biology to musical theory, from yoga to superconductivity… -
Colin Wilson

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