Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Here's a list of our top 5 recommended reads all written by women for today's occasion! Get your hands on them!

A Petit Mal by Ana Caballero

When Ana Maria Caballero’s young son is diagnosed with epilepsy, her family collides with the reality of illness, but also with Western medicine. A Petit Mal follows the narrative arc of this blunt collision, one that plunges its readers into multiple alternative methods of healing and the spiritual implications therein. Caballero’s boldly innovative book unfolds as a page-turner, one whose topics are especially relevant to audiences interested in wellness, not as yet another banner, but as a committed, practical approach to life.

It’s fragmented, poetic, includes sketches, pictures, DMs, medical records, and oscillates between prose, science, literature, math, and prayer. And it is a cohesive and coherent, beautifully crafted workAmy Goldmacher

NAKED: The Honest Musings of 2 Brown Women by Selvi M. Bunce and Mimi Mutesa

This impressive and enjoyable debut poetry collection by American-Tamil poet Selvi M. Bunce and Ugandan poet Mimi Mutesa is enriched with unique illustrations by Mimi. The poems do their work to challenge preconceptions of race and relationships by using the persona autobiography and celebrating self-empowerment. Such an incredible book to read!

"I wouldn’t be surprised if, in five years’ time, this collection is adapted for Broadway à la Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls..." - Da'Shawn Mosley, editor and journalist

Technelegy by Sasha Stiles

This groundbreaking poetry collection by award-winning poet, AI researcher and artist fuses masterful verse with captivating language experiments. Written in collaboration with her AI alter ego, powered by GPT-2 and GPT-3. Originally published in hardback in 2021, Technelegy is an essential handbook for our time of astonishing technological transformation by the world's leading AI poet.

"Technelegy is an immersive journey into today's entangled web of existence. A fascinating brainbath that leaves the mind inspired, awake and expanded." - Ani Liu, award-winning multidisciplinary artist

Taste Life Twice by Jacqueline Bird

    Jacqueline Bird’s debut collection, Taste Life Twice radiates warmth, sincerity and humour in poems exploring interconnectivity and independence in relationships, and examining the need for empathy and separateness to coexist. They serve as reminders that everything learned through self-awareness can be turned to an advantage. These are witty, probing, succinct and embracing poems, just as her popularity on Instagram suggests.

    There is a quiet power in Bird’s voice that commands attention as opposed to demanding it, with a self-assuredness that puts the truth down gently like a cup of water on a glass table. Bird’s words have an elegant, lyrical flow that is easy like breath — an ease that puts the reader in a gorgeous, dreamy state, with an honesty that jolts you awake in all the right moments. - Lauren Eden, author of Of Yesteryear and Atlantis (@ofyesteryear)

    Taylor Swift: The Story of Her Eras by Caitlin Robson

    Taylor Swift has had an unprecedented career that began with a repairman at her parent’s house gifting her first guitar. With a crisp teenage country voice that skyrocketed to the top of the charts, she quickly decided that the pop industry was next. Her defining breakout hit, "Love Story" was written in twenty minutes on her bedroom floor, and now is used for fan proposals at live shows that sell out stadiums, and the adjacent car parks.

    In this anatomy, Caitlin Robson writes her way through 10 albums and 18 years of lyrics, stories, controversies, and re-recordings, setting a precedent in the music industry to allow artists to demand ownership. There are bigger issues at play in her lyrics; gender politics, important mental health conversations, the building of an enormous musical community while maintaining that letter-writing pen pal dynamic with fans. Special hardcover limited editions are available to PREORDER now, scheduled release date July 24th! The first 1,000 preorders will receive a friendship bracelet and have their names published at the back of the book.

    Off the Road by Carolyn Cassady

    Spending twenty years with Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac and Allan Ginsberg, Off the Road tells the intimate story of two of the most famous, and yet enigmatic, figures in modern literature - Jack Kerouac and his friend, travelling companion and hero, Neal Cassady. Written by the woman who loved them both - as wife of Cassady, lover of Kerouac - it is the remarkable record of marriage to the man whose exploits, as Dean Moriarty in On the Road, caught the imagination of a generation and sparked the fire that started the Beat movement.

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