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Taste Life Twice

Taste Life Twice

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Jacqueline Bird’s debut collection radiates warmth, sincerity and humour in poems exploring interconnectivity and independence in relationships, and examining the need for empathy and separateness to coexist. They are also reminders that everything learned through self-awareness can be turned to an advantage. These are poems everyone can relate to – witty, probing, succinct and embracing, just as her popularity on Instagram suggests.

Jacqueline Bird is a writer from Ottawa, Canada. She has degrees from McGill and Queen’s universities, and a Masters from the university of Ottawa. She draws on her own experience and her observations of the world around her as inspiration for her work. In March 2018, she presented a TEdxTalk titled: ‘Instagram: From Catharsis to Community,’ describing her writing journey. 

Doing her name justice, Jacqueline Bird is free and soaring through her truths in writing, spreading her wings constantly to dig through vulnerability, grief, change, and the ups and downs of love. She is a force with a sure grip on her intentions, but never loses her lust to be a breezy traveller, always open to new perspectives and beginnings, while maintaining a steady stream of reflection on all her days gone by. Her words encapsulate the sound of her voice, a journey for clarity of self by way of leaving all that is in her heart and mind on each and every page. Emotive, honest, and a pure delight to read and know. - T. J. McGowan, author of We Are Not One Thing (@theeverydaybite)

There is a quiet power in Bird’s voice that commands attention as opposed to demanding it, with a self-assuredness that puts the truth down gently like a cup of water on a glass table. Bird’s words have an elegant, lyrical flow that is easy like breath — an ease that puts the reader in a gorgeous, dreamy state, with an honesty that jolts you awake in all the right moments. - Lauren Eden, author of Of Yesteryear and Atlantis (@ofyesteryear)

Birdie has an amazing ability to be soft and sharp with her words at the same time... Every poem she writes rings in truth with a poetic tone that will always be welcome to your hearts and eyes. - Jon Lupin, author of You Only Love Me When I’m Suffering: Poems and My Sober Little Moon (@the_poetrybandit)

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