NAKED: The Honest Musings of 2 Brown Women

By Mimi Mutesa & Selvi Bunce



A collection of poetry that illustrates a journey of identity, family, growth, and empowerment in about 9,800 words. The collection is divided into three sections - 'Introductions' - 'The Heart' and 'Moments'. This is a coming of age story that speaks not only to young women of colour, but to people all over the world. As the title hints at, NAKED strives for honesty and while at times it can be awkward and painful, it can also be brave.



Mimi Mutesa (she/her) is a photographer at heart and has had work published in Elle UK and AfroPunk, to name a few. Mimi grew up in Uganda, but by the time she graduated from high school, she had attended over a dozen schools across four countries in Africa. She now works in journalism in Washington, DC where she finds poetry a safe haven from ceaseless news cycles. Her biggest guilty pleasure is sunbathing and she wants you to know it.



Selvi Bunce (she/her) grew up in Minnesota, USA as the daughter of an Indian mother and Irish/English father. Travelling to India every few years gave her a complex sense of home and allowed her space to build her identity while growing up in a white community. She has written for academic journals and spoken at diversity conferences and TEDx. Selvi currently works in higher education and uses poetry as her outlet for self- expression. You can find her running around a track on a sunny day – preferably with her dog.