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Taylor Swift: The Story of Her Eras

Taylor Swift: The Story of Her Eras

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By Caitlin Robson

Special Hardcover Limited Edition available for PREORDER NOW. OUT JULY 24TH 2024! The first 1,000 preorders will receive a friendship bracelet and have their names published at the back of the book.

Taylor Swift has had an unprecedented career that began with a repairman at her parent’s house gifting her first guitar. With a crisp teenage country voice that skyrocketed to the top of the charts, she quickly decided that the pop industry was next. Her defining breakout hit, "Love Story" was written in twenty minutes on her bedroom floor, and now is used for fan proposals at live shows that sell out stadiums, and the adjacent car parks. Each time an album comes, fans know what to expect but she is still far from predictable. From awards show blunders, easter eggs, secret sessions, a dramatic social media blackout and two surprise lockdown albums, Taylor has laid the table for the pop princesses that will come after her.

In this anatomy, Caitlin Robson writes her way through 10 albums and 18 years of lyrics, stories, controversies, and re-recordings, setting a precedent in the music industry to allow artists to demand ownership. There are bigger issues at play in her lyrics; gender politics, important mental health conversations, the building of an enormous musical community while maintaining that letter-writing pen pal dynamic with fans. With songwriting still her biggest asset, Taylor Swift has many more decades of music to come, this is the definitive treatment of her work to date. 

Caitlin Robson has a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications, majoring in Film and German Studies, and a Master of Creative Writing, both from the University of Sydney. For the last few years she has worked with social media and brand marketing for different companies and her freelance articles have been published widely in print and online. Her first book was a self-published poetry anthology, Underwater Musings, and she has been a Swiftie since she was 13, so it makes sense that this unauthorised biography is her second printed work. Originally from the beaches near Sydney, Australia, she now lives in London.  

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