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Drawn to Beauty: Vince Colletta - Life and Art

Drawn to Beauty: Vince Colletta - Life and Art

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By Franklin Colletta / Vincent Colletta


Don't miss out on this opportunity to collect this COMIC BOOK COLLECTOR'S ITEM, filled with work by legendary comic book artist Vincent Colletta. This book captures comics most beautiful women!

Get ready for the story of Vincent Colletta. An editor at DC Comics once described Colletta as Runyonesque; in his wildest dreams, Damon Runyan could not have conceived of such a brilliant and colorful character. The great Stan Lee said, “Just mention the name Vinnie Colletta and the first thing that comes to mind is his gorgeous portrayal of beautiful females in his artwork. When I first met Vinnie and he showed me his art samples I was overwhelmed. I had never seen anyone depict beautiful women in romance stories as dramatically or as glamorously.”

As with any great artist, especially in the world of production art, there are criticisms. Debates about Vince Colletta will likely persist until the end of time. Regarding technique, Colletta could draw and ink in both delicate illustrative and bold graphic styles – a versatility that few artists can master. Love him or not, this is a hugely enjoyable read written by Vince's son, with spectacular images ranging from the gentler romance era to the intense world of superheroes.

Vincent Colletta was a legendary comic book artist and perhaps the most prolific inker ever. Vinnie contributed to early issues of Marvel's Daredevil, Fantastic Four and Thor as well as DC Comics' Batman, Wonder Woman, Warlord, Starfire, Girls' Love Stories and more. 

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