2020 Reconstruction Time Fundraiser

hey - thanks so much for your amazing support!

To those who have believed in us this year, and stuck it out with us, among crisis after crisis in the world, we thank you!  We want to celebrate some exceptional books that have been released this year, The Virus by the famous Stanley Johnson, Frontline Heroes by artist MJ Hiblen, Lockdown, With CatsGerman Justice! It has been a joy to put these books together along with all our 2020 poetry and non-fiction books and we commend our authors for their cooperation and patience during this crisis. This year, we have ventured out into the world of art and illustrations, bonded closer with fiction, and stayed true to poetry! We stepped into fresh waters with a new distribution team, who have been incredible to work with and a new superhero sales team! 2020 was set for great things but it is with a heavy heart that we have to admit that this pandemic has still managed to hurt us, like a plant waiting for its opportunity to sprout but held back by too much rain. While we are holding our breath, hoping desperately to turn a corner, we can't help but notice the damage that has been caused to our infrastructure this year and so we are hosting a fundraiser to try and raise funds! We hope this will help us increase staff hours, help us to honour our payments to staff, distributors, printers, sales teams, authors, prize winners, to fulfill customer orders - and to assist us in the task of rebuilding a roof for the plant (that's us, remember?). Keep us going and support a small business!