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Chemistry For OCR: 500 Questions and Answers

Chemistry For OCR: 500 Questions and Answers

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By Dr Pasan Witharana, MBBS



Prepare for OCR A Level Chemistry with over 500 questions, answers and mind maps covering various topics. Learn everything you need to know for your exams, while working on your exam technique. This book aims to maximise your revision time by following the "high yield" revision approach. Edited by a specialist OCR examiner, the answers in the book follow the marking scheme answer format. 


  • Learn the subject content through questions and answers
  • Mind maps to consolidate learning, for effective revision and maximise study time
  • Practice all question styles including multiple choice, extended answer and multi-step calculations
  • Learn to answer effectively to score the maximum marks
  • Answers to all practise questions are provided 
  • Develop your exam technique and face the exam with confidence


Comprehensive content, packed with engaging revision and practice material to keep you focused. This guide is directly aimed at the new OCR specification and is the only book of its kind on the market!

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