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Your Health When The Climate Changes

Your Health When The Climate Changes

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By Scott G. Fraser



Climate Change is coming for us. Its impacts will be universal and will have profound effects upon human health. It is vital we understand what these effects will be so we can – as individuals, healthcare systems and countries – try to mitigate and prepare for them. Climate change is becoming increasingly personal, about you and me rather than about strangers in far off countries.

This book is about how our climate is changing, the direct effect these changes will have on our well-being and the urgent choices we need to make.

Scott G. Fraser has been a doctor, researcher and journal editor for over 30 years. His main interest is in climate change and how it affects our health. He is Editor in Chief of a number of journals and on the Editorial board of others. He is a Visiting Professor at two Universities and was a Senior Editor for the Cochrane Collaboration. He has published over 100 research papers.

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