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Ways To Be Equally Human

Ways To Be Equally Human

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Available NOW | Paperback | Non-Fiction

In Ways to be Equally Human Leslie Tate tells the inside story of coming out as a non-binary person, from being ‘othered’ in gendered toilets to stepping up on stage & radio and taking action with Extinction Rebellion. Leslie's poetic life-fiction takes us on a journey through crazy childhood dreams and gender dysphoria into personal growth.

Full of lyrical writing, humour and quirky insights, this is a book for lovers of language, nonconformists and passionate thinkers. It's a clear-eyed account of how we live today, including computer stress, noisy neighbours, guided meditation and the spirit of rebellion inside the machine. It's also a love hymn to Leslie's partner and the planet.

Read Leslie's thoughts in the Author Q&A with Leslie Tate BLOG HERE

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Leslie Tate

Leslie Tate is a non-binary author and University of East Anglia graduate Leslie played the lead role in Heaven's Rage, a film that was screened and won prizes at 34 international film festivals. Leslie hosts Extinction Rebellion stages, has been shortlisted for the Bridport, Geoff Stevens and Wivenhoe poetry prizes, was British under 21s Chess Champion and is a Quaker. Ways to be Equally Human is Leslie's fourth novel.

Visit her website for more information and exclusive interviews with creative and community-active people weekly on radio and in writing at