By Rebecca Close

Winner of The Melita Hume Prize


valid, virtual, vegetable reality is written in a range of forms associated with ‘transmission’: from Roman georgics to the lesbian manifesto, from the satellite radio wave to computer programming code. The book is a queer manifesto for reimagining traditional poetic form through the historical formlessness and electricity of queer and lesbian sexual pleasure. The poems in this collection propose sex as a way to connect and disconnect; sexual fantasy as a way to virtually transform the city; and the citation of LGBTQI+ literary ancestors as a way to make a home.


Rebecca Close (UK) is a poet and artist based in Barcelona, where they studied under Paul Preciado at the Independent Studies Program at MACBA (2013). Their artworks often combine elements of live reading, video, net and sound art. In the last decade they have formed part of various art and poetry collectives and co-founded, with their partner Anyely Marín Cisneros, Criticaldías, who have produced numerous projects on the politics of memory and art and activist histories.