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Unromantic Explanations of Everyday Life

Unromantic Explanations of Everyday Life

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Although oceans apart, by a chance encounter author Ruzena Zatko and illustrator Yeju Kwon met through Instagram. This formed a beautiful friendship and the birth of Unromantic Explanations of Everyday Life. This book takes us on life's journey facing the many adversities of modern day "adulting". Each poem is accompanied with a whimsical illustration to offset the modern day struggles of survival which serves as a reminder that when the going gets tough,  perspective is everything and a positive outlook is a must. A book of hope for dreamers everywhere.

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  • Ruzena Zatko (they/them)

    is a Slovak-American writer raised in Las Vegas, NV. They are a Doctoral student at UNLV's Department of Anthropology and a two-time Scriptapalooza winner and a ScreenCraft semifinalist. In their free time Ruzena enjoys traveling with their kid, writing screenplays, listening to music, and playing the trumpet. 

  • Yeju Kwon

    lives on Jeju Island in South Korea. Living surrounded by beautiful nature and friendly people, she naturally developed paintings with a cozy style. Yeju is currently running an art studio and teaching drawing classes. She has held several group exhibitions and two solo exhibitions, and published an illustration book, Lockdown With Cats.