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Ubu Trump: A Drama In Five Acts In Prose

Ubu Trump: A Drama In Five Acts In Prose

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Translated By Rosanna Hildyard

The original late 19th century rebarbative, madcap, knock-about, prematurely-Dadaist and anarchic play of sheer genius (and idiocy) by Alfred Jarry has now been fully and carefully re-imagined and translated from its original language (French) into the English of the Sad 21st Century - the English, alas, of Donald Trump. For in this satiric palimpsest, Pere Ubu is now Ubu Trump - a rich man who wants to be King of America, and, aided and abetted by his family and henchmen, rises to the top while being incorrigibly vulgar, and true to his shocking self. Not a parody, but a genuine contribution to avant-gardist circles, and contemporary cultural debate about transgression and the limits of expression, this is sure to be a go-to book for years to come.

R. Hildyard is an editor, dramatist, poet, and writer, and a former editor of the Isis Magazine at Oxford University.


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