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June 2016. The EU referendum campaign is in full swing. The Tory elite jostles for the leadership. It's a moment which Julius Caesar would have understood. The possibility of power is in the air. While Boris Johnson and Michael Gove manoeuvred, one senior figure kept quiet. This was Theresa May, who would become the country's second female prime minister. But what happens to the electorate when a new person assumes power? And what role does chance play in politics? In this wide-ranging book, Christopher Jackson continues where he left off in his bestselling book on Roger Federer, attacking the complexity of modern life with a commitment to what can be learned from history, poetry and philosophy. After you've read this landmark study, you'll not only know more about the once most powerful person in Britain you'll also be reminded that writing about politics can be literature.

Christopher Jackson is the author of six books including The Fragile Democracy (2016) on US politics, and the best-selling Roger Federer: Portrait of an Artist (2017). He was named one of five poets to watch by the Huffington Post in 2013, and longlisted for the National Poetry Prize in 2016; his volume The Gallery was published by the University of Salzburg to critical acclaim in 2013. Jackson is also deputy editor of Spear's magazine, where his long list of interviewees ranges from Andre Agassi and Clive James to Maggi Hambling and Henry Blofeld.

Christopher Jackson has written a sympathetic book about the first woman who took on the prime ministership in unlikely circumstances. There have been many books on the subject, and it is brave of Jackson to seek to empathize with a figure assailed from all sides - but that is what Jackson has done here. We are at the point in our history where we need to look past Brexit towards the wider meaning of our times - and this book manages to do precisely that. - Gina Miller

Christopher Jackson is a thoughtful writer, full of insight and humanity. His evident love of history and literature takes us behind the complexity and distortions of the current political crisis to reveal the grander political drama unfolding around us. - Sir Anthony Seldon

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