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The Sight Of A Goose Going Barefoot

The Sight Of A Goose Going Barefoot

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By U.S. Dhuga

As if Catullus and Jarvis Cocker had conjoined with John Betjeman to pen catty, racy, brilliantly-rhyming poem-portraits of an age enthralled with gin, football, sex and surgery, Dhuga's debut collection of poetry is a tour de force - echoing the formal tautness of Muldoon, the observational nous of Larkin, the mordancy of Eliot. Sinuous yet unfussy, hilarious yet heartbreaking, The Sight Of A Goose Going Barefoot pushes at the boundaries of our sentiments without succumbing to sentimentalism. It's no accident that this book takes as its title a not, paradoxically, both dull and extravagant, towards proverbs whose provenances, however dubious, point up the painfully obvious as it obtains in the banal.

U. S. Dhuga's first book, Choral Identity and the Chorus of Elders in Greek Tragedy, was published through Harvard University's Center for Hellenic Studies (Lexington Books, 2011).  Founder, Publisher, and Managing Editor of The Battersea Review, Dhuga is a Classical Philologist and freelance writer based in Toronto.

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