The Scotsman

By Rob McClure

Crime Fiction - Hardback


The Black Spring Crime Fiction2020 Prize Winner

The Scotsman is the story of a Glasgow detective investigating his own daughter’s death in Washington, D.C. Six months after the murder of Catriona Cowan, a Scottish exchange student, her father arrives in D.C. skeptical of the findings of an earlier police investigation. Chic Cowan’s own inquiries lead him from the deprived neighborhoods of Southeast D.C. to the townhouses of Capitol Hill and to the suspicion that his daughter's death is connected to an upcoming Senate election. But the obsessed and grieving father, wrestling with sobriety, comes to question his own sanity as he closes in on the truth.

Rob McClurewas born in Scotland. He currently lives in Galesburg, Illinois, and teaches film at Knox College where he is John and Elaine Fellowes Professor of English. His fiction has appeared in Gettysburg Review, Manchester Review, Chicago Quarterly Review, Barcelona Review and many other magazines.



"Rob McClure's debut novel introduces one of the most memorable detectives to come along in quite some time. [The Scotsman] is hilarious and infuriating, relentless and reckless, hard-headed and (occasionally) soft-hearted – a compelling lead in a compelling story full of hard twists and dark corners." - Lou Berney, author ofThe Long and Faraway Gone,Whiplash River andNovember Road