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The Collected Poems of Terence Tiller

The Collected Poems of Terence Tiller

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The Collected Poems of Terence Tiller brings back into print, after more than 40 years, the work of a rediscovered lyric-modernist genius of World War II Poetry – a shy Cambridge don who became trapped in Cairo in 1940 and wrote for the rest of the war with his friend Keith Douglas.

Douglas died while Tiller went on to have a successful career at BBC radio, producing, among other things, the very first adaptation of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Now, we can see his achievement for what it is – unabashedly romantic, rich wordplay, with the Middle East, mythology, love, and desire firmly at its core.

Eyewear is pleased to publish this handsome hardcover edition on the centenary of the poet’s birth, with a scholarly introduction by Todd Swift, whose PhD was partly on Tiller, and a preface by Tiller’s grandson.

"Invaluable"... "as handsome a Collected as any poet could wish for".... - The Times 

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