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Tantric Goddess

Tantric Goddess

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By Rose Rouse

Tantric Goddess is not afraid of vulnerability, raw honesty or wit. In this pamphlet, Rose Rouse takes us on a sexy, funny road trip around Tantric modalities for older people, the importance of flamboyance and the ever-changing (for the better) relationship with her Alzheimer’s-suffering, 90-year-old mother. Yet these poems are never gratuitous; instead, Rouse’s meticulously balanced verses are wry, witty and entirely self-aware. Unabashed, sharply observant, these are poems that teach their reader what it is to truly express oneself.

Rose Rouse is a writer, poet and editor. She comes from Yorkshire and has landed in London. She is a member of The Group, John Stammers’ weekly class. Her poems have appeared in Magma, the Southbank magazine and as part of The Group’s 2014 pamphlet Sounds of the Front Bell. She edits the online magazine Advantages of Age, and is working on her fifth non-fiction book, UNsung London – a collection of walks with unabashed characters including Billy Bragg. She has a penchant for feathers.

Rose Rouse writes crisp, distinctive fireworks of poems which speed through exotic and ordinary landscapes with a worldliness that doesn’t exclude warmth. They offer some unexpected encounters – via giddy celebrations, matters of the heart and daughterhood – and are stylish objects in themselves, with their wit, boldness and snappy transitions. - Judy Brown


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