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Tails: The Animal Investigators of London

Tails: The Animal Investigators of London

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By Martin Penny

Author of Saints & Martyrs.


Yowl is a very special tabby kitten owned by 6-year-old Lucy. Sitting on her lap through endless children’s books, he learns to read. From the local paper, he discovers there’s a criminal on the loose in Croydon targeting cats. TV news reports confirm over seventy incidents.

With the help of his feline neighbours, he enlists the support of Big Red, the leader of the foxes, to hunt down the killer. Secret, a squirrel who’s afraid of heights, will play a crucial role, but it’s Hoot the owl whose help they need most. An eye in the sky will prove essential in identifying the culprit. Yowl will be forced to risk his life to earn his assistance.

Just as they’re making progress, the police close the case. They point the finger firmly in the direction of the foxes. In response, Big Red steps up their involvement. Together, they identify the killer, but what can they do to stop him?

The Animal Investigators of London is a charming and humorous tale
of an uneasy alliance of neighbourhood animals coming together in the face of a dangerous criminal. The narrator, Yowl, has much to learn, but nobody can question his bravery. Featuring cats, dogs, a squirrel, a pigeon and a whole skulk of foxes!

Martin Penny was born in England and now lives in Turkey, with his wife and
children. His father worked on The Goon Show. He is an avid book collector of first edition Agatha Christies.

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