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Shrinking Ultraviolet

Shrinking Ultraviolet

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By Rebecca Bird

Shrinking Ultraviolet is the manifesto of one of nature’s wallflowers. Often out of her comfort zone in this fast-paced urban world, forced to navigate private and public issues of gender identity, mental health and depression, this earnest narrative still manages to keep a sense of humour. Punning and poignant, this is a modern book of hope for those who feel inadequate in their lives.

Rebecca Bird was born in 1991. She has been published in various magazines and has recently finished a BA (Hons) Creative Writing and English at De Montfort University. This is her first collection of poems.

There is a fierce perceptive power at work in these poems; one which is based on experience and translated into an intoxicating range of images and words. Rebecca Bird possesses an individual voice and she has a genuine talent for arresting images. These are poems about love, life, identity and transgender issues. They startle with their honesty. - Maria Taylor


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