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By Marcus Fedder

Sarabande is a novel of struggle and conflict, as much Janna's – as she wrestles with her choices – as her native Bosnia's. As Sarajevo and her family suffer, will she be able to remain in London, however passionate her commitment to her work and relationship there? She is determined not to get drawn into the unfolding tragedy, despite the fact that her parents remain there, in serious danger. But the brutal war won't let her forget, and she finds herself – despite everything she is working for – unable to escape her past and the consequences of her country's history. Sensitive but hard-hitting, Sarabande paints a vivid portrait of events that shocked the world. 

Marcus Fedder was born in Hanover, Germany, and studied Politics, English and International Relations at the FU Berlin, LSE and Cambridge. As well as writing he is a partner in a hedge fund and previously worked for investment banks, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He wrote Sarabande while working as a banker in the City of London. His interest in Sarajevo was kindled during work travel there. He lives in London, plays the cello and paints, selling his paintings in support of children's charities Unicef and FLAME. 

This is a most poignant and sad tale which is evocative, moving and well written. It sums up so well so many of the experiences of our many Bosnian friends who suffered so much in the war and especially in Sarajevo. - Lord Ashdown, Former Representative for  Bosnia and Herzegovina

powerfully compelling. . .great passion and feeling - Gillian Stern, The Literary Consultancy

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