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Sailing Naked

Sailing Naked

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Sailing the high seas, clothes are always optional. Why be plain vanilla when you can be an outrageous chocolate sundae full of nuts? Frank thrived in the presence of artistic expression, sailing the Pacific Ocean, or discussing the merits of growing vegetables in the desert. He was worldly and cultured. The ascot and Wayfarers he wore, the bow on a loosely wrapped package.

Sadly, he also thrived in the grips of his disease rooted in the complexities of escaping Communist Hungary in 1956 at the age of 20. He was not one for excuses. He preferred to live at the opposite end of his formerly censored life, not overlooking one extreme. Sailing Naked, a memoir surrounding Kristina’s life and relationship with her father, a Hungarian Freedom Fighter turned political refuge, is a literal and metaphorical glimpse at their loving yet tumultuous relationship. Despite immigrating to the US on a VISA in recognition of his service to the Austrian border guards as a Hungarian translator, his life remained defined by the stifling Russians and their tanks. He pacified his struggles with drugs and alcohol until he took his last breath.

Where hope existed, despair prevailed. One could not fully grasp the emotional disparity levied by hoarding carrots, stealing a chicken, or rescuing the only surviving Freedom Fighter at the other end of Soviet bullets. If hindsight is the reflecting pool where mistakes live, there were a million ways Kristina and Frank could find peace together. If only life had a do-over button.

Kristina has thrived as an entrepreneur, writer, adjunct instructor, and ski instructor. Born in Zurich, Switzerland with strong ties to her Hungarian heritage, she successfully built two businesses, and her first manuscript, a memoir – Sailing Naked is scheduled to be published by The Black Spring Press Group. After 27 years in Chicago, Kristina lives in Michigan with her partner and 2 dogs, Sailor and Oliver. Her spare time is consumed by family and friends who share the love of water, sailing and skiing. Learn more and follow her blog at

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