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Saints & Martyrs

Saints & Martyrs

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By Martin Penny



When newcomer to the Police Force PC Allison Cousins comes to the attention of a religiose serial killer, she’s forced to track him down. With the help of the ruthless giantess Jordan Lassiter, she follows his macabre trail of gut-wrenching clues, and tortured corpses. Can these intrepid young women, fast becoming close friends, find the monster before it’s too late?

Martin Penny’s debut is a dark look at twisted acts of retribution, as his depraved killer employs sadistic patterns torn from medieval martyrdom's brutal past. Set in the Cool Britannia period, here is a refreshing return to good old police work and a time of relative good times. By turns shocking, horrific, and blackly comical, this is a crime fan's feast, and a new series and heroine to pursue.

• A gripping crime novel with psychological elements, featuring a serial killer and religious motifs
• Complex exploration of the relationship between two engaging female protagonists
• A great holiday read, comparable to Dan Brown, Kate Moss or Martina Cole

Martin Penny was born in London and currently lives in Turkey with his wife and two children. He is now working on future instalments of The Allison Cousins Investigations which will continue with Death & the Angel, the sequel.


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