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Positiverosity: 7 Golden Principles

Positiverosity: 7 Golden Principles

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How one man used his SAS training as a force for Global good...

David likes to make things happen. In this inspirational book he gives encouragement in an uncertain world through seven golden principles defined by his own adventures, his altruism, and his training in the SAS. This book will motivate, and uplift you and is filled with stories and advice on how to push your boundaries to achieve self-fulfilment.

David Fox-Pitt MBE is a born motivator who has been enthusing and inspiring people for over thirty years. Fox-Pitt is passionate about making a difference. The staggering impact of his adventure challenge business, WildFox Events Ltd, is testament to this and has so far raised over £40 million for charity world-wide, all from the family base in the Scottish Highlands. He likes to tempt people to surpass their own expectations as they take part in his events and he leads by example by pushing himself - in 2019 he cycled from Land’s End to John O’ Groats on a Penny Farthing. Afterwards he admitted it was one of the toughest challenges he’d ever undertaken. Why the Penny Farthing? “…because it makes people smile”.
Positiverosity® is David’s word for positive energy combined with a generous spirit and is the core value behind his motivational programmes .

David Fox-Pitt is a great man who continues to do so much to encourage adventure in young people in the UK! - Bear Grylls, Chief Boy Scout.

Whereas many people get stuck at the ‘Why,’ David is one of those rare people who immediately say ‘How’ and get busy achieving. - Mark Beaumont, record-breaking cyclist.

David is one of the few people who can make a gruelling challenge light-hearted and fun ... with genuine enthusiasm and kindness. - Polly Murray, First Scottish woman to climb Everest.

Neil Laughton, Mark Beaumont (middle) and David Fox-Pitt.


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Positiverosity: 7 Golden Principles by David Fox-Pitt


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