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Monster-Proof Poetry

Monster-Proof Poetry

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We all need reassurance and inspiration to help us rise, some lyrical navigation for the heart, the head and the road. We need to gain immunity from inner and outer
monsters in order that life can be successfully navigated. Judymay Murphy’s debut collection takes this task seriously, the intention being to get the reader to experience better emotions, thoughts and environments in your life.

Judymay Murphy, Irish born, raised over decades by several tribes – Irish doctors, New York drag queens, Parisian barflies, Los Angelian improvisers. She successfully immersed herself in Trinity College Dublin for seven years, emerging with a BA Hons in Drama and a Masters in Literature. Then began the global wander which has seen her adventure in over fifty countries settling briefly in several hubs from Hollywood to Kathmandu to London where these days she can mostly be found at The Groucho Club early in the morning.

Sometimes words are like beautiful music. It goes right into your heart! You’ll see what I mean with Judymay Murphy’s poetry. — Yury Revich, Violinist

This collection reminds us that poetry is not writing about a thing done, but
writing as a doing thing, touching, stirring, and eddying our vulnerabilities
into what might still be possible for us. —
Professor Brian Singleton Samuel Beckett, Professor of Drama at Trinity College Dublin

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