By Alan Hustak

Justin Trudeau: scion of political royalty, neglected son of difficult parents, actor, hot-tempered young delegate, selfie-king, and possibly the world’s most popular and telegenic leader. This thrilling book traces the remarkable rise of Justin Trudeau to become a desired and admired world leader in the grim age of Trump & Twitter. How did he do it? The secret is in his backstory. Alan Hustak has been granted unprecedented access from friends and relatives of both Pierre and the young Justin Trudeau. Exposing Trudeau’s childhood spent with a cerebral father, his experiences acting and teaching in Vancouver, and his eventual acceptance that his destiny lay in politics, Hustak weighs up the man against the objectified myth, and analyses the evidence for Trudeau’s sincerity, honesty and dedication to change. Is Trudeau truly the herald of a better kind of politics – or is this progressive agenda just a people pleasing mask?


Author, journalist and broadcaster Alan Hustak was a television correspondent when Pierre Trudeau was prime minister in the 1970s and 80s and as a reporter for The Gazette for 25 years he also observed Justin Trudeau’s rise to the same office. Over the years his byline has appeared in every major newspaper in Canada. He has written more than a dozen books, among them Titanic: The Canadian Story and biographies of former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed, WWI Chaplain Canon Frederick Scott and former Montreal mayor Sir William Hingston. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal for chronicling the lives of deserving Canadian people and institutions. Hustak divides his time between Montreal and Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.