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Love Algorithm

Love Algorithm

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Out Now | Poetry | Paperback

  • The poem 'You Want to Come to Mine?' was longlisted in the Bedford International Writing Competition 2019.

In Love Algorithm, a tender touch of lyric love fuses with the harshness of profit-driven motivations to sharpen our appreciation of the digital age. Loss of an authentic self is never far away but neither is hope for the discovery of a new kind of fellowship. As the scenes shift from London to Paris to Shanghai, the poems intensify the global connections that make love a constant riddle for all mankind.

Cay’s view in Love Algorithm is that, like it or lump it, poetry must recognise the part that internet interactions and transactions play in relationships. Such narratives “do not follow scheduled / serendipity. When they break up / there are not suitcases by the door: / just a switch flicked on an invisible wall” (‘Digital Loves’)...She has an eye for odd, intimate moments (“I love brushing my teeth with you”), and for arresting phrases: “You rolled down the car window / poked your head out like a Labrador” (‘Journeyings’)...This collection took me by surprise. There is a freshness and high-spirited openness to Eleni Cay’s poetry that I found engaging. This exhilarating collection should appeal both to the young, and to the young at heart. - Greg Freeman, Write Out Loud

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Eleni Cay

Eleni Cay is a Slovakian-born poet living in England and Norway. Her award- winning first collection A Butterfly’s Trembling in the Digital Age was published in Slovak (Cakanka Press), German (Hein Verlag) and English (Parthian Books).

Her first two pamphlets, Colours of the Swan and Autumn Dedications, were published by Westbury Arts Centre as part of her poetry residency and Eleni’s third pamphlet, A Small Love Dictionary of Untranslatable Japanese Words was published by Eyewear Press in 2017.

Eleni’s most recent poems have appeared in Acumen, Atticus Review, The Cardiff Review and Poetry Ireland Review. Eleni is known for her multimedia poetry, which has been screened at international festivals and featured on Button Poetry. Eleni’s digital home is: and you can find her on Instagram @elenicay