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How To Do Privacy In The 21st Century - THE TRUE STORY OF HACKTIVISM

How To Do Privacy In The 21st Century - THE TRUE STORY OF HACKTIVISM

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The War on Privacy is lost, and states and corporations now collect more of our data than even they know what to do with. No one person or group can understand the implications of this, but we do know there is no going back.

In How To Do Privacy in the 21st Century, Peter Burnett charts how we came to surrender everything from our faceprints to our location data. The question now is what next, and how can we reclaim our lost freedoms? The heroes of this book are the champions of the open Internet, an increasing group of individuals reclaiming digital privacy, advancing government transparency and ensuring that civil liberties will be preserved on the Internet of the future.

Writer, publisher and hacker Peter Burnett has authored several books including The Machine Doctor, Odium, The Studio Game, #freetopiary:An Occupy Romance and Scotland or No. He also recorded everything he ate in a year and published it as The Supper Book. He lives in Edinburgh where he runs a virtual reality arcade and software incubator.

Author Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (


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