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Holding The Line: Art Celebrating Frontline Workers and the NHS

Holding The Line: Art Celebrating Frontline Workers and the NHS

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Art by MJ Hiblen

Introduction by Calvin D. Sun, MD


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Featured image 'Hero' won Nurse Image of The Year in the ICON Awards 2021.

Since the start of the global pandemic of
2020-2021 the comic book art of M.J. Hiblen has touched hearts across the world – his more than 325,000 followers on social media include fans like
Mark Hamill and Chris Hemsworth. Hiblen has highlighted, in epic illustrations, just how important and heroic our brave Frontline workers have been in this time of Covid-19.

Now, here, is the expanded and revised 2021 paperback of the 2020 limited edition Frontline Heroes to mark this unprecedented, terrible, sad year of the everyday heroes, who changed our
way of seeing the world of work forever – a picture book timeless, universal, and finally, both heart-breaking and ennobling. Holding the Line is the book to give to anyone who has known and appreciated these heroes, or who wants to recall the best part of ourselves, in the worst of times, now including drawings of Captain Tom, and the vaccine rollout.

Featuring frontline workers battling and defeating the Coronavirus – in hospitals, in shops, and on our streets.

With over 75 full-colour illustrations, and black and white sketches.

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