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Flying Boy

Flying Boy

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By Andrew Bramwell


Sam’s teen life changes instantly one day in Coventry when a terrible crime is committed. Soon, Sam has to accept a family member is a potential murderer – and he has to go into ‘care’. Sam’s journey takes him to a surprising new home and new friends, where dangerous enemies and forces emerge, to threaten his existence on many levels. As Sam encounters a final challenge that could kill or redeem him, the world appears to bleed into supernatural or mythic elements at the edges. Will the boy fly or fall? For anyone who has loved the works of Alan Garner, this is a deeply resonant, suspenseful, and magical book about childhood’s darkness, strengths, and how lives may – or may not - escape unexpected nightmares.

Andrew Bramwell was born in Walsall and educated at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster and Keele University. He has spent many years working as a teacher and counsellor and now lives in the West Midlands.  The Flying Boy is his first venture in writing for young adults and follows the novel Karelia, poetry, children’s stories, and articles on education and literature.

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