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Fight Maria, Fight!

Fight Maria, Fight!

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A Story of How One Woman's Incredible Faith Brought Her Back To Life

By Vince McKee


Paperback - OUT NOW

This is the story of one family’s pain, passion and will to survive as their loved one clings to life.  We have all heard the saying, 'Miracles can happen every day,' but until you see one with your own eyes, you rarely believe that to be true.  This story will help you believe in that saying.

In April of 2017, Maria DeLuca Mckee and her entire family witnessed a miracle first-hand that will forever strengthen their faith, and the belief of everyone around them.  An entire community came together for a cause that appeared hopeless until the very end. Maria was in a coma for nearly two weeks and the diagnosis was grim to say the least.  It wasn’t the first time in her life she was on the cusp of staring death in the face though, and that journey is also detailed in this tale.  It is woven perfectly from past to present with dramatic reality in every chapter. Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger that will keep you wanting more as you will need to know what happens next.  Included are very shocking details never before shared.

This book goes beyond the patient on the table, and explores further into the family around Maria that went through every step of this hell with her. The story is told by her youngest son, Vince,  who refused to give up hope and created a movement he lovingly titled "Fight Maria, Fight!"



Vince McKee enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Emily, and daughters Maggie and Madelyn. He is the Owner of KEE On Sports Media Group. A company built on the very best in sports coverage and broadcasts of High School Sports, Boxing, NPSL Soccer, Minor League Baseball, MMA, WWE and everything the sports fans of Northeast Ohio want to know about. McKee is an author of nine books. Six of which have spent a considerable amount of time on the Amazon’s best seller list.  In genres of nonfiction sports, nonfiction religion and nonfiction inspiration.

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