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Expecting Applause and Nobody Claps

Expecting Applause and Nobody Claps

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Expecting Applause and Nobody Claps is an absurdist coming-of-age story about a man already came-of-age. Growing up, Lonnie Clayton wasn’t held captive. He just never left the trailer because it was dirt for near nine miles on any side. He didn’t have a bike, his old man was out all hours driving a tow, and even if he wanted to walk, he didn’t have anywhere to go anyway. Now that Lonnie is a man (by some definitions), it’s time for him to get out there and show it. Make a living, find a girl, start a family. But if you had the same daddy that Lonnie did, you might’ve had some trouble as well. It’s hard to make a living in small town Nevada without getting wrapped up in a quaint group of organised crime. It’s hard to find a girl when your role model’s advice reeks of lamentation and coconut rum. And it’s hard to start a family when your foundational knowledge of baby-making is limited to resources found in a trailer nine miles from nowhere.

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Roy Richins

grew up in the dusty streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. He currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his two children. Expecting Applause and Nobody Claps is his first published novel.