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Emily Dickinson & I

Emily Dickinson & I

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By Edie Campbell & Jack Lynch


Movingly told and intensely personal, this is a one-woman play about the relationship between a dead poet and her living admirer, who also happens to be an actress, separated by a continent and a century. It tells the story of the 14-year attempt to produce the work that will represent the object of that admiration in that object’s own terms, capture her essence, define her. But how can she be made to breathe without putting words in her mouth? On the other hand, how can she be made three-dimensional on the stage if only her extant written words are used? These dilemmas, as well as questions of memory, identification and the creative imagination are intriguingly played out in this well-wrought and original work.

Brave, true and touching - Margaret Drabble

Ingenuous in spirit and well-crafted in form - The Stage

Strikingly original and carefully woven…refreshing and genuine…expertly turning a reclusive spinster from a bygone day into the strong-minded philosopher, rugged individualist and delicious ironist that she clearly was… - The Scotsman (Critics Choice)

A warm and delicious paean to the bibliophile in us all - The List

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