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Donald Langosy: Poet’s Painter

Donald Langosy: Poet’s Painter

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In this beautifully produced full-color art volume, poet Eric Sigler responds to 99 paintings by the painter Donald Langosy.


99 poems by Eric Sigler illustrating 99 paintings. In this unique collaboration, painter Donald Langosy and poet Eric Sigler draw on a long friendship to create a fantastical world realised in images and words.  Langosy’s vivid colours, dramatic uses of light and wide cast of characters combine to create artworks of great energy and interest, while Sigler layers the paintings with glimpses into an internal element, bringing them truly to life. Drawing on mythological elements, moments from history and religion, this is a multimedia work that delights all the senses. 

Eric Sigler has been a chess student, lumber merchant and lyric poet and lived in New York, Boston, Montreal, Miami, Chicago and Orlando. After his father died on his eighteenth birthday, Eric met Donald Langosy in Boston, and they began exploring art and poetry together as young men. In 2015 they reunited in Miami and collaborated on a series of 99 poems and accompanying poems.

Donald Langosy’s work has been exhibited at numerous group and solo shows in New England and New York City. His paintings have been acquired by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard University’s Fogg Art Museum, and collectors in the United States and Europe.

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