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By Mariela Griffor

Declassified is an enigmatic, at times erotic, often passionate exploration of relationships and politics, finding their shared tropes of deception, subterfuge, and even espionage. The poems move between a Chilean revolutionary and a ‘Her’ based in the American Midwest of today. Ultimately, the book’s focus is on love – between husbands and wives, friends, and a mother and her daughter – and how, in challenging times, only the strongest bonds resist decay. 

Mariela Griffor is the author of The Psychiatrist (Eyewear Publishing, 2013) and translator of Canto General by Pablo Neruda (Tupelo Press, 2016). She attended the University of Santiago and the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. She left Chile for an involuntary exile in Sweden in 1985. She is publisher of Marick Press. Her work has appeared in periodicals across Latin America and the United States. Griffor holds a B.A in Journalism and a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from New England College.

Mariela Griffor’s brilliant poems navigate the distance between languages, homelands and heartlands. Her poems are the musical and engraved declarations the wounded world requires. — Derick Burleson 


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