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Collector Of Lapsed Times

Collector Of Lapsed Times

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By David Appelbaum




This is a book of poems to remember those for whom 'time had lapsed.' The poems begin innocently with common collections, rocks or coins, and progressively, become memories that gather the death in the folds of language, to commemorate the passage. The words are most forceful for those closest to the heart of the narrator. The poems mourn a secret bond with each lost one. In the work of grief, special harmonies in poetry open the soul to the transcendent joy of simply being.

David Appelbaum has worked in publishing and in the university, and is author of several books, including most recently, notes on water [Monkfish] and Portuguese Sailor Boy [Eyewear].


Poignant and remarkable, David Appelbaum’s The Collector of Lapsed Times is a profound reminder that what we think of as real—memory, imagination, even perception—is made of language. Reading these poems produces the uncanny feeling that they are your own experiences, once faintly recalled, now brought into sharp focus with exquisite word choice, and then dissolved again like the memory of dreams.Heinz Insu Fenkl, author of Skull Water

In the Collector of Lapsed Times, David Appelbaum literally leaves no stone unturned on his enlivened quest to retrieve and animate the past. Throughout the journey, evocative spirited language engages the reader with its original and often mysterious concept of collection. These poems live up to their words with a solid sense of discovery that goes far beyond the self, reflecting a crafted finesse many years in the making.Barry Sternlieb, author of Winter Crows

The powerful invocation of sidereal light flickering in the dark behind David Appelbaum’s A Collector of Lapsed Time, resonates behind every piece in this superb collection. From the weighty residuum of stones in pockets and root cellars in the first poem, On bedrock, to the spectral night letter box in the perfectly situated Matins at the end of the book, the poet deftly navigates the enigmatic, undulating winds endlessly murmuring each of us onward. This is not simply a good collection of poetry, it is a lifeline to the soul. Steven Lewis, author of Fire in Paradise

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