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Autumn's Attack

Autumn's Attack

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By C.M. Stolworthy

Fantasy Novel




Autumn's Attack is the thrilling sequel to Winter's Deception and the second in the Seasons series.

When her gifted children are kidnapped Lilly Millbank, the new Mother Nature, turns her attention to who she can trust. A new member of staff is the unlikely catalyst in her decision to trust the King of the Autumn Elves, burying her misgivings about him and her mother’s death; but time is running out and King Summer is scheming with King Winter. Between them they will force Mother Nature’s hand, revealing a secret the Autumn elves have been keeping and a plot which will threaten the relations Lilly has worked so hard to maintain between the human world and her own. 

Growing up living and working on farms instilled Claire with a love of nature and passionate interest in the environment. Claire moved into laboratory work, which she combined with bringing up her five children. She now lives in Dorset, where her busy family life is always full of drama! Hobbies over the years have included raising rare breed chickens and gardening but the one that most captured her imagination, apart from writing, was tropical fish, even keeping a small Walstad tank on her desk at work. Autumn's Attack is Claire’s second published novel and is the second of the Seasons series, the first being Winter's Deception.

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