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Angels & Empty Pages

Angels & Empty Pages

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By Terry Boyle

Paperback - Poetry


In times of uncertainty we desperately crave something to bring comfort to our troubled hearts. Whether it’s a song, art, a piece of music or an inspiring poem, we seek to find a temporary place of refuge against the turmoil of the times. This collection of poetry is not a panacea for the ills of modern society. It’s not an escape, rather it aims to reflect with candidness the complex, sometimes contradictory, emotions of the human experience. Feelings of despair, hope, love, and anger can assail the mind at times and sometimes it’s almost impossible to put those feelings into words. It’s my hope that those who read the myriad of emotional shades and colours of my own personal experiences will find comfort in knowing that we’re not alone.


Originally from Derry, Northern Ireland, Terry Boyle now resides in Coachella Valley in California.  After leaving his hometown in 2004, Boyle took up a teaching position at Loyola University, Chicago where he taught Irish and British literature.  In 2011, his play, ‘Oh what a bloody good Friday!’ reached the semi-finals of the prestigious Eugene O’Neill competition. Since 2011, Boyle has had plays produced in Chicago, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  In 2021, his poem, 'A New Economy', was selected to be included in the compilation of The Best New British and Irish Poets 2019-2021 (Eyewear Publishing).  His first collection of poetry, This Will Be, was published in 2022 by WIPF and Stock Publishers.  Boyle is also a regular columnist for the Irish American News in Chicago and iIrish in Ohio.



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