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All Dark's Children

All Dark's Children

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  • Indies Today 2021 Finalist

All Dark's Children is a pulse-pounding tale that will keep you guessing until the last chilling moment - R.C. Gibson, for Indies Today

A man awakes in darkness immobile, blind. He is uncertain of his identity. He is in an institute that is more prison than hospital. He escapes, but the world he has awoken into is not the one he remembers. It is sinister, corrupt: a world of terrible danger, strange creatures, and violent magic. His family is in the clutches of a being known as the Shadowman. He sets off to save them and, in saving them, solve the mystery at the root of this unholy place for only then will he find his way back to the life he lost. 

What if the world you inhabited was a lie? What if the whole world and its creator were against you? What would you do to return to the world you once knew? All Dark's Children is a novel with a dark psychological mystery at its heart. It will be of interest to everybody who loves an unreliable narrator, a strange twist on modern fantasy, and the lure of an unsolved mystery.

a fine weave of horror and fantasy... descriptive, engrossing, and powered by ethical concerns and conundrums. - Diane Donavon, senior reviewer at MidWest Book Reviews

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Thomas Norris

Thomas Norris was born and raised in South East Ireland in Tipperary and has a Degree in English and Politics and Masters in Advertising and Education.

He is a secondary school teacher in a town near Hamburg and speaks several languages. Thomas has lived and worked in Ireland, England, Spain, the UAE, and Germany. He is married with three children. Thomas is the author of Zoe Hearty and the Space Invaders and Tallamun, Em and Little Blue is scheduled to be released next year.