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Aliens, Gods & Artists

Aliens, Gods & Artists

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Aliens, gods and artists — these are the figures that populate the numerous worlds of these exciting Six Stories. Gifted storyteller Sam Eisenstein explores the cosmic and psychic forces at work behind the façade of everyday life. From a man whose dog charges him with taking down the president of the United States, to a Billy Pilgrim-like traveller in time and space, the collection speculates on dualities of love and lust, and fate and free will. When you can’t count on reality, you have to wonder who’s really in charge here. This is a compelling fusion of sci-fi, fantasy, and literary genres, a brilliant new vision of short fiction for the 21st century.

Sam Eisenstein’s work is for me as provocative as when I first read it more than forty years ago. The humanity of his relentless skepticism drives his poetry as it does his prose, where the universe remains for Eisenstein ‘unknown territory to the sighted.’ Paul Vangelisti

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