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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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Available NOW! | Poetry - Paperback

Opening Hours is the sequel to Todd Swift's 2020 collection Spring In Name Only.

This book was launched as a birthday gift to the author's godson Alex, who is on the autism spectrum and all profits will go to him.

The past year has been a time to think of the deadly baton, gun and contagion, the fragile, the toxic - what ends, what endures - the scientific, the mysterious, the numinous, the luminous, death, love, books, friends, brothers, mothers, others, masks, TV, music, food, sleep, walks, cats, fear, hope, and the environment, and how the seasons are more than background for a play, but sometimes the stage itself.

These poems, at once freewheeling as song lyrics, but rigorously aware of the modern poets who spoke to the fraught decades of the 30s and 40s, take their bearings from both Dylans, and later Hill, while also essaying longer poems that, like Yeats, seek to locate complex truths in the fusion of rhetorical argument with symbolic, even ecstatic, imagination. The vulgar contemporary world of immediate image debates a more interior, stoic world, of contemplation, doubt, and renunciation.

Souls struggle, but somehow, prove their existence in the act of self-questioning. The art of eloquence, polluted by actual fallen language, rebuilds a rickety bridge, outwards, and what matters is the repair, not the uncertain destination. For, this year of closures and openings that barely seem to ever take hold, must celebrate the fragile moment as much as any permanence. 

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Stanley Todd Swift

born in Montreal, Canada, in 1966, was named after his British granddad, Stanley Swift, and Todd, the character from the TV show Route 66. He was a 2017-2018 Visiting Scholar at Pembroke College, Cambridge, as the Writer-in-residence. He has had over twenty collections of his own poetry published, by presses in Canada, the US, Ireland, and the UK. Mentored by A. Alvarez in London, he considers himself a confessional poet. He has a PhD in creative and critical writing from the UEA, where his supervisors included George Szirtes, Denise Riley and Jon Cook.

He is a book collector, lover of cats, and keen swimmer. He has many wonderful nieces and nephews, and one godson, the beautiful lad Alex. He has written over 100 hours of television, including for Paramount, the CBC, Fox, CINAR, Disney, and HBO - and was the series editor for anime cult classic Sailor Moon.

"Todd Swift is the Orson Welles of contemporary poetry" -
Professor Mark Ford