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Here Lies Fuscia

Here Lies Fuscia

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The poems of Teige Maddison’s Here Lies Fuscia trace a narrative arc, taking in addiction, urban isolation, familial woe and love, and the glories and disappointments of life in our time. Disruptive and provocative and yet consoling, these poems will stay with you.

Teige is a poet who likes poems that bite and make you bleed. He likes poems that sing loudly, those that comfort you in the corner of a room, those you remember fifty years later. He regularly performs to rooms of people and loves it. Here Lies Fuscia is his debut pamphlet but you can also find his work in places such as The Lampeter Review, Poetic Interviews, FalWriting. com and Rubbertop Review (USA). He is a founding editor of Sea Post Press and founded The Word Zoo poetry collective. You’ll often find him, dancing to RHCP in his flat, with or without clothes on, or selling tomatoes at Borough Market.

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