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Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola

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By Mara Nkere


A Girl and Boy in a relationship that is both intoxicating and toxic, exhilarating but ultimately at a cost to each. Edgy and compelling, Nkere tells it all through the parallel narratives of the Girl and Boy drawing on a kaleidoscope of influences that include poetic prose and contemporary spoken word. Experimental in form, this startling debut collection breaks with convention, bringing seemingly polarised forces into combat: religion versus primal desire and love versus desolation.

Mara Nkere is a procurement specialist and poet,residing in London. She holds a Masters degree in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Warwick and was nominated for the Melita Hume Prize (2019). She is known for incorporating scientific principles and deciphering human emotions in her poetry. You can learn more about her poemsin, her lipstick and poetry blog. Cherry Cola is her debut collection.

An intriguing blend of poetry and prose, this work is both visceral and sensual. With the unique and intoxicating ability to both pull you in and spit you out at the same time. - Kat François, Performance Artist, Winner of the Slam Championships

Mara Nkere’s forthcoming poetry book, Cherry Cola, is a raw lyrical journey through the intense emotional landscape of young love and heartbreak. The poems take on the dual perspective of the two lovers, touching upon the intersections of sex & religion, desire, fear & submission. Behind these poems is a sense of urgency, discovery and loss, as the female narrator laments, ‘You have eclipsed me like this moon.’  - Kim Harvey, associate editor at Palette Poetry
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