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25th Prelude

25th Prelude

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A Poetry Pamphlet by Anthony Desmond

The poetry of 25th Prelude is honest, unadulterated and breaches the norms of the expected, with bold statement pieces that are often dark, granular observations of the world the poet inhabits.

Anthony Desmond is an American poet. His work can be found in many anthologies and journals, including: What is Inspiration: Thoughts on Life Series Vol. 1, Railroad Poetry Magazine, The Rusty Nail; Recipes for Hemlock (anthology from Boston Poetry Magazine), Signal from Static: A Collection of Modern Poetry & The d’Verse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry.

This poetry is both searingly honest and gracefully balanced. There is nothing pretentious about Anthony Desmond’s poetic voice. His imagination is extraordinary with respect to poetics. I find his verse tantalizing and cutting-edge.  - Emmett Wheatfall

Anthony Desmond drips words from his fingers as if they were rain from the sky; his work nourishes. Woven like braids of delicate silk, his prose moves through one’s heart and soul until a person becomes bound to their truths. In a world filled with manufactured voices and generic products, Desmond’s words are genuine and important. - Topher Kearby

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