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The Off Ramp

The Off Ramp

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by Silvia Sanza

Fiction - Paperback


The Off Ramp is New York City mid-nineties framed by the OJ Simpson trial, the Oklahoma bomb blast, technology reshaping everything, and a lengthy baseball strike. Our main character, Jake, dangles by a thread, contemplating signals, in search of a muse, revamping, and deducting. His life is already in chaos when his wife walks out on him leaving him with a 14-year-old daughter. Passion, murder, boyhood memories, and a dose of magic realism fuse and explode into awakening and resurrection.

Silvia Sanza was born in the Bronx, lives in Manhattan, is a Virgo, and loves writing fiction. She is the author of two novels 'Alex Wants To Call It Love' and 'Twice Real'; published by Serpents Tail, London. Her third novel, 'Negative Space', was published as an e-book. Silvia enjoys creating collages and taking photos of her beloved New York City

'Alex Wants To Call It Love', Silvia Sanza’s first novel, is full of a native New Yorker’s easy-natured knowing, and in her new one, 'The Off Ramp', she gives us the same savoir faire, but now seasoned with knowledge time alone bestows. Here is the city in all its dolor and splendor. - Aram Saroyan, Artist/Poet

Silvia Sanza channels the hearts and minds of characters suffering from an abundance of emotional predicaments. She invites us into the day-to-day lives of various Greenwich Village locals and allows us entry to their most intimate thoughts and feelings. A lifetime New Yorker, her love of the city bubbles beneath her graceful prose. She says things in ways I’ve never heard them said before. A beautiful, magical novel. - Gillian McCain, co-author of PLEASE KILL ME: THE UNCENSORED ORAL HISTORY OF PUNK. 


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