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A Digital Tomato

A Digital Tomato

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A VERY GENTLE PARODY… 60 years after a certain orange shocked the world, comes a dystopian satire for our digital age.

Meet Henrietta, 25-years-old, from a once-infamous family…

At first glance, she appears to be your average young British person – hooked on the online world, struggling with identity issues, facing a housing crisis, and navigating a dangerous world of toxic authority. Except, she’s also maybe a murderer with a love of pseudonyms, Roy Orbison, and different coloured wigs… and very probably a sociopath… and very definitely a genius-level gamer, hacker and holder of often provocative opinions, who’s busily ripping off thousands of people with her devious video game.

R.M. Frith is an English writer.

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