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Tea In The Nuns' Library

Tea In The Nuns' Library

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By Jeanine Stevens



Tea in the Nuns’ Library presents a selection of unique journeys; beginnings, detours and arrivals, where pinpointed details and events illuminate the value of experiences. This collection of meditative, lyric poems is always on the move: from the quiet politeness of a garden lunch among roses in England and a puppet performance of Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon, to Folsom Prison, the ancient Rocky mountains, and observing a coyote with a platinum tinged coat rummaging through supermarket bins in winter. Through astute observations, Jeanine Stevens reminds us that the remarkable is always around us.

Jeanine Stevens is the author of Inheritor and Limberlost (Future Cycle Press), and Sailing on Milkweed (Cherry Grove Collections). Winner of the MacGuffin Poet Hunt and The Ekphrasis Prize. Brief Immensity, won the Finishing Line Press Open Chapbook Award. Jeanine recently received her sixth Pushcart Nomination. She studied poetry at U.C. Davis and California State University, Sacramento.


"Jeanine Stevens guides us on her travels which, through the transforming alchemy of poetry, become our travels. In Tea in the Nuns' Library, her lyrical narratives captivate us with the kind of crisp detail that signal a remarkable memory at work, but also a magical craft that gives the impression of effortlessness, because (as Ben Jonson said of a famous poet), she is not afraid to “strike the second heat” on the Muses’ anvil, revising not merely for effect, but from thinking and rethinking. Stevens can summon up vistas and vignettes of an Indiana childhood with encyclopedic accuracy." - Tom Goff, author of Twelve-Tone Row: Music in Words

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