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Small Nuclear Family

Small Nuclear Family

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Mel Pryor’s first collection deals with the small and the ordinary – a rat, a domestic cat, slugs, a fly at the window, a mosquito, and in sharply concise poems transforms them into something marvellous and/or terrifying. Her often tender and sometimes ironic depictions of family, loss and love urge us to cherish ‘each blithe inhalation and exhalation.’ 

Mel Pryor grew up in England and Hong Kong. She studied History at Durham University and trained as a solicitor. Her poetry has been widely published and her pamphlet, Drawn on Water, was published by Eyewear in 2014. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two children.

What stands out for me is Pryor’s delicately balanced eye and ear - there’s a precision in her language and use of form that makes these poems a pleasure to read, and then read again, more deeply. they give much, without showing off. — Sarah Westcott

Beautifully crafted, jewel-like poems. Formal and precise with real flair, intelligence and heart. I was impressed and moved and that’s quite a combination.— Lisa Brockwell

This collection is fresh, accomplished, and, best of all, enjoyable. Wynn Wheldon

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