Youtube - We have landed!

Youtube - We have landed!

Launching our Youtube channel!

The Black Spring Press Group channel

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Black Spring Press Group Youtube channel. We first thought of starting this project when the sound of global lockdowns began to ring loud like the metal shutters of shops on the night of Christmas Eve. The team wondered how readers and book lovers would now get the chance to experience the joy and intimacy of seeing a writer offer a live reading of their work; and how the author would enjoy the thrill of book tours and reading his work aloud to curious listeners.

We pondered over how long it would be until groups and gatherings will not only be legal - but comfortable, enjoyable and safe, and so we made the decision to bring this reality as close to you as possible. We will be providing readings directly from the authors themselves! We hope that you can enjoy this space and find connection in our exclusive content.

P.S. Watch out for sneak peaks of upcoming books.

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